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We’re looking for you!

In an effort to make our hiring process more efficient and obtain the best candidates for the position of Police Officer, the City of O’Fallon, and the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners have revised our ordinances and hiring rules.  No longer will you have to wait a year for our annual testing process; you can submit an application at any time!  Applications will remain on file for one year.

When a vacancy becomes available, we will select a group of candidates from the available applications and provide invitations to an orientation and written test.  Canidates who pass the test will complete an interview with a select group of officers of various ranks within the police department.  Those who pass the initial interview will be invited to complete a final interview with the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners (B.F.P.C.).  All applicants who pass the B.F.P.C. interview will be placed in an eligibility pool and may be hired the Chief of Police.

Our goal is to be able to make an employment offer within 30-60 days from the time we select applications for the orientation!