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1. Do I have to live in the City of O’Fallon?

Officers must reside within a 30-mile radius of the Police Department (285 N 7 Hills Rd) within 90 days of completing the first year of employment.  Our residency requirement allow officers to live in either Illinois or Missouri.

2. How long do you retain applications?

Because of varied police academy training dates, O’Fallon utilizes a rolling application process for entry-level candidates.  Applications will remain on file for a period of 12-months.

3. Can I have a tattoo?

In order to present a positive and professional image to the community, body art on the hands, neck, face or any part of the head is prohibited.  Tattoos that are inappropriate, offensive, sexist, racist, vulgar, anti-social, gang related, extremist group related or may bring discredit upon the O’Fallon Police Department are prohibited.

4. What is your policy on facial hair?

A short and neatly groomed mustache may be worn.  Facial hair, other than mustaches, are not permitted.

5. How long is the training?

Candidates who are not certified police officers will attend a 14-week basic police academy at Southwestern Illinois College.  Additionally, all candidates will undergo a 2-4 week orientation phase followed by a 14-week Field Training Program.